Yr9 – Women of the Future, Wellington Place

On Tuesday 8th March, 14 girls from Year 9 went to Wellington Place to be part of the Girltech “Women of the Future” day and participate in a series of workshops with different female professionals. The day focussed on the how a positive mind-set and attitude can contribute to success. There was a range of activities and challenges, including speed networking, self-reflection and team building exercises that aimed to develop skills such as empathy, kindness and courage. The aim was to motivate our students to believe in themselves, whilst reflecting on the journeys and achievements of the professionals leading the sessions.

It was a pleasure to see the responsibility and maturity shown by all girls as they stepped out of their comfort zone to interact with the industry professionals with confidence and poise. There was a collective respect shown to each individual who had the courage to share their own experiences and contribute to discussions, and it was humbling to see the encouragement and kindness shown to each other to participate, where a lack of confidence may have been a challenge for some.

Hana Brene received the Peer Recognition award for the courage she showed to relate what she had learnt from the workshops and apply it to her own experience, offering inspiration to the group and a clear example of the resilience she has shown to achieve her own personal successes. Recognition also went to Kyla Flint, who was awarded for the enthusiasm, commitment and confidence she showed during the speed networking activity.

Following the visit, two of our students showed an overwhelming display of resilience by sharing their experience to the whole of Year 9 in assembly. They applied all they had learnt in the workshops and were able to confidently share the impact they believe they can have in inspiring others to have successful futures.

Feedback from one of the women who led that day stated

Today I was truly inspired by the students. I saw courage, honesty, transparency, confidence, ambition, kindness, friendship, empathy and many more talents that will serve them well now and in their futures”.

It is because of this, and the manner in which our Year 9 students conducted themselves so respectfully and responsibly, that an additional 30 Mount St Mary’s students from Year 8 have been invited back to Wellington Place,
to experience the power that learning these vital skills will have in contributing to their success.

As quoted in the feedback “They are our future leaders in the world” and we believe Mount St Marys’ students will be at the forefront of future successes.