Year 9 Hospitality and Catering – Chocolate Workshop

On Monday 21st March, the Year 9 Hospitality and Catering students were able to experience an in-person chocolate workshop from a patisserie chef at Leeds City College. This was a brilliant workshop where students were using a catering kitchen, working with a range of equipment and hearing all about the journey from cocoa nib to chocolate bar. The session was really informative and hands on, did you know that white chocolate isn’t actually chocolate?!

Students learnt about chocolate tempering from Chef Fabrice and scooped their own melted chocolate from the ‘tempering tank’ before trying their hand at piping a consistent chocolate button. This was a lot trickier than it sounds, Chef Fabrice made it look so easy!

Students then had a tour of Leeds City College Printworks Campus, hearing all about post 16 life at Leeds City College and the brilliant vocational opportunities open to students on campus