Year 10 Young Leaders

Students stood proud at the start of November as their roles as Young Leaders were finally confirmed. Tasked with supporting students across the school, organising events, giving back and acting as role models within the Mount St Mary’s community, 118 students rose to the challenge and proved they have what it takes.

Their journey began in the Summer of Year 9, when students started to eagerly gather evidence within their portfolios and craft their applications. Students amazed the year team with their incredibly professional approach, and by sharing some of the excellent achievements they have outside of school that made them exceptional candidates for the role of Young Leader. Some students were taking on childcare responsibilities, helping at their Church or Mosque, some were even learning a language independently. The quality of the applications was second to none.

Students then spent weeks preparing for interviews with members of the leadership team in order to gain a real interview experience that will undoubtedly put them in a strong position for future roles and ultimately job interviews beyond life at Mount St Mary’s.

Students have already started to think about building their prefect applications and are focussing on giving back to their school community at every opportunity. We are so proud of their hard work and can’t wait to see them prosper in their new roles in the Student Leadership Team.