Year 9 Rugby tournament at Brigshaw High School

Despite some last-minute changes to the squad this was an amazing, energetic and enthusiastic team.

We were one of 14 teams at the tournament and were split into a group including Carr Manor, Leeds West, Sherburn and Temple Moor. It was very clear from the start that we were by far the least experienced team in our group, but the boys rallied together to ensure this did not prevent us from competing in each game.

The team learnt from their mistakes in previous tournaments this year and took control of situations where they may usually have lost composure, turning over loose ball and using it to their advantage. Unfortunately, we were only able to win one of the four games so we will not be progressing into the “Premiership” tournament. We will however, be entered into the “Championship” tournament which will give the team another chance to build on what was already a very much improved performance.

At the end of the tournament, I was approached by 3 parents of students from another school who wanted to congratulate the team for their efforts and outlook throughout some very tough games. They were honoured to have witnessed the fantastic sportsmanship, faultless enthusiasm and “banter” which was maintained throughout their games, even in defeat. The parents said they have never seen a team gel with another team whilst on the pitch and then talk to other teams after the game finished as if they had known each other for ages. This came as a huge surprise as this has never happened at any of the rugby tournaments I have attended and is something both I as the coach, and our school, should be proud of.

Despite the results our team should hold their heads high as they not only did themselves proud but their families and our school.