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Growing Talent Digital Leeds

The digital sector is one of the fastest growing sectors within Leeds - creating new jobs and opportunities every day.  On Wednesday 17 November, our Year 9 students took part in a question-and-answer session with people who work in tech. Students had the opportunity to hear from leading professionals within the market to gain a valuable insight into the progression routes within the industry, as well as asking their own questions to the people that are best placed to answer them.

The respect that our student's showed and the mature manner in which they delivered their questions with poise and professionalism didn't fail to make an impression on the industry experts.  So much so, Netcompany will return to MSM next week to run a technology masterclass with 60 of our year 9 students.

Our students will be challenged to explore how tech can be used to help specialists tackle a fictional crisis, in this case, an alien invasion.  Netcompany will also share with students their own experience of developing their technology in partnership with the NHS through the recent covid pandemic.

This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of a unique experience that will be a valuable addition to any CV.

"I believe this was a great opportunity for professionals to provide us with some clarity and insight into the industry and I am really looking forward to being part of the workshop when they come back into school"
Kasseykylie - 9MTH
"It was really interesting to hear from the experts that success isn't always about getting the highest grade at GCSE. You can learn new skills when you are in a job.   You can even be your own boss. I learnt a lot from the professionals and it was good to hear what companies look for when they are employing people"
Benny - 9JEG
"I like how the leaders made the students aware of the rising importance of the IT sector and the jobs which are going to require IT"
Krishiv - 9EDW

Important Dates

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School Closes for Half Term - Friday 22nd October

School Reopens - Monday 1st November


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During the summer term of Year 8 our students picked their GCSE options choices ready for Year 9. If you have any questions please use the contact form below to submit them to our year office and someone will be in contact with you.

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Line-up: Sean Twomey, Layton Reed Haigh, Archie Rooks, Kobi Parnell, Imikan Asuquo, Kacper Kaluza, Kacper Romianowski, Caidan Barron, Keegan Doherty-Queenan, McKenzie Flint, and Charlie Brattley.

Year 9 Rugby Match - Post Game Writeup by Kacper Kaluza

On Thursday 30th September, Mount St Mary's played in two rugby matches.

We have been Reflective and these games have really taught us a lot, some players came from two training sessions and others from years of practice in this sport. Nevertheless, we showed Resilience and played very well as a team for the first time. We have a lot to learn from the two matches and can see the future our team can have. Winning the first match with Carr Manor gave us the morale boost and determination to win against St Mary’s Menston. Unfortunately, even with our determination and winning mind-set, we were unable to win against this school. We played the best we could, but they were better than us. We look forward to participating in many matches and events to improve our ability as a team. We will be training hard, gaining confidence, and getting into the work mind-set in order to play even better than we were before, and hopefully win!

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