Vocational Studies is an option subject taken by a number of our Year 9 students. This offers a whole range of topics and initiatives for the students to take part in. A focus in the term leading up to Christmas was to give back to charity. As a group the students decided that they would like to do something to help the homeless in Leeds and the surrounding area. These students were Lily, Jonathan and Taneka, who all worked together to launch this to their year group.

They began by creating a list of essential items that they believed were needed by those less fortunate than ourselves, and were facing the extremely harsh and cold winter on the streets. This included sleeping bags, blankets, scarves, gloves, hats and more. From this point, the students rallied their peers in a bid to collect as many of the ‘essential items’ as possible. This became the year groups’ focus for the coming weeks, where in the end we collected over 100 items which could then be donated to a local homeless charity.

This, without a doubt, made a huge difference in our community both in school and in Leeds City Centre. The students showed fantastic enthusiasm to make a difference to those less fortunate than themselves, and once again demonstrated the importance of Retribuam within our ideals as a school.