Year 8 Subject Stars

It was a pleasure to celebrate the achievements of our Year 8 students this academic year with parents, carers
and other family members on the evening of the 15
th of November 2022. This was an invaluable opportunity for teaching staff of CORE subjects to discuss the progress made by individuals, alongside the next steps that they should take to maximise their potential. With the options process fast approaching, we would now encourage students to consider their interests and future aspirations in the lead up to making important decisions about the path that they would like to take going into their GCSE years.

In recognition of their successes and achievements, 67 students were asked to attend a second appointment with Miss Goddard, where they were awarded with Subject Star certificates for their contributions in particular lessons throughout the academic year so far.

Each Year 8 subject teacher nominated individuals who they believe to have consistently gone above and beyond to exceed expectations and demonstrate the best version of themselves since the beginning of September. These students have taken all necessary actions to ensure that they are always displaying the core elements of our values and school ethos, including Respectfulness, Retribuam, Resilience and Reflection. The nominated students have also made certain that they involve themselves in every aspect of classroom life, such as engaging fully with homework tasks, class discussions and Red Zone activities, which are always done to the best of their ability.

Miss Goddard, the year group’s Senior Leadership Team link, could not believe how many students had won Subject Star certificates in Year 8. She stated:

“The pile of certificates to hand out was huge and such a credit to all the work individuals have put in since September. It was lovely to be able to hand these out and chat to students, some of whom guessed straight away which subject they had won the prize for and others who were pleasantly surprised to have been recognised in a subject they weren’t expecting. Such fantastic outcomes!”

Miss Goddard

We look forward to our next opportunity to share in the successes of our Year 8 cohort and are excited to celebrate further acts of Retribuam carried out by individuals.

The Year 8 team would like to thank you for your continued support with our journey and helping us to guide students in their pursuit of a successful future.

Mr L Hawkins

Year 8, Year Leader