Year 8 Rugby

On Thursday 18 May we played 4 games; Abbey Grange, Leeds Trinity Academy, Brigshaw and Carr Manor. To start with the team were a little nervous, still coming to terms with the rules and working out who our key players were.

We started the evening against Abbey Grange who beat us 1-0, then went on to play Trinity Academy who beat us 3-0. Brigshaw was a very close game with our boys coming to terms with the rules and understanding what they needed to do to cross the line. We lost this game 3-2, however, some outstanding running from Clive very nearly brought us level in the final minute of the game.

Going into our final game against Carr Manor the team had found their feet. They went into the final match determined to come away with a win. Carr Manor managed to score quickly as the game started. Mohammed took charge and organised our attacking line and we quickly returned with a try of our own. From here it was Carr Manor who scored next but again we came back fighting and with a well worked set of plays we tied up the score again. At this point we had 1 minute left and had to defend hard to keep the game a draw. With some fantastic tackling we were able to turn over the ball and quickly got back towards their try line. Mohammed again stepped up and organised our attack, sending Nosa a perfectly timed pass as he ran over the line to score our final try, resulting in a 3-2 win.

I would like to give a personal shout out to Enoch who has done some amazing work pressuring others into getting involved and is always the first one to come and put his name forward. He was great and really put his experience to use as captain for the team.

Another shout out I would like to give, and I am sure Mr Rimoldi would agree … Mohammed, without him at times the team would have been lost. He showed great determination and even managed to score himself a solo try against Brigshaw, with a fantastic run. Mohammed was crucial to our success and he really brought the team together.

The evening was a delight, with very little training the boys have shown their resilience and continued to progress and learn from their mistakes. With some more input from us and their dedication, I can see this group developing into a fantastic rugby team in the years to come.

A huge well done to the following … they have done themselves and the school proud:

Benhur, Mohammed, Levi, Enoch, Yusuf, Dallington, Yunata,
Nosa, Clive,
Ansumana, Sada, Igor, Markh & Yonas.

Thank you for all your help and support getting the team together and a big thank you to Mr Rimoldi for coming with us.

Mr S Cooper