Year 8 Rugby Team

Firstly, thank you so much for your help and support getting a Year 8 team together. It has been fantastic seeing them turn up to training and give everything to learning new skills and perform the best they could.

19 May 2022, was no different! They were all punctual at the end of the day and were quickly onto the bus, allowing us to arrive at Brigshaw with time for a good warm up and recap of some of the skills we have looked at over the last 2 weeks, ready for their first game.

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to win any games. We did however come away with our heads held high! We managed to score in every game and lost our first 2 games by only a small margin. In our final game we went toe to toe with the overall tournament winners, losing by only 1 try in the final play of the game.

There were some fantastic individual performances – Uyi, Brandon breaking through tackles and scoring tries for fun and David showing off his fancy footwork and making it extremely difficult for the defence to get a hold of him.

As a team they were fantastic, they supported each other and there was never a bad word when things didn’t go our way. As always, our students have really shown their resilience and their sportsmanship tonight and they should all be proud of what they have been able to achieve in such a short time.

There is one standout performance which I believe, and I’m sure Mr Charles will agree, needs a huge mention. We opted to make Jaykob our captain for the evening. He led from the front and motivated the team when they needed it and heads were going down. He has really shown himself at his best today and I hope he is able to bring that confidence back into daily school life.

Mr S Cooper