Year 8 Positive Futures

Personal development is at the core of our ethos at Mount St Mary’s, and we believe that students should receive equal opportunities to flourish and grow outside of the classroom, just as much as inside it. The Leeds Girls Can and Positive Futures initiative was launched for our Year 8 cohort on 19th of April and is continuing to take place for the next six weeks. The invited students will go off site from 10am to 2pm every Wednesday and Friday to take part in sporting activities, alongside attending workshops based on resilience, barriers to physical activity, healthy relationships, body image, female hygiene, wellbeing and coping strategies.

Students have just finished their first week of the scheme, where they were taught how to rock climb and skateboard by professional instructors, alongside learning relevant and important information during a resilience, wellbeing and positive role model workshop. It has been fantastic seeing the Year 8 cohort demonstrate so much engagement with the scheme whilst stepping out of their comfort zones to take on new and exciting challenges. During this first week, all students demonstrated enthusiasm and teamwork, whilst pushing themselves to maximise their own capabilities. Having fully seized the opportunities presented to them so far, we hope that they will continue to learn new things to help them develop their understanding of important topics, which will support them on their pathway to success during their time at Mount St Mary’s and beyond.

We could not be prouder of the progress that our students in Year 8 are making already in terms of personal growth and development and we hope that in the coming weeks they will push themselves further out of their comfort zones when visiting Meanwood Farm, Herd Farm, Leeds Urban Bike Park and Planet Ice.

As always, a huge thank you to parents and carers for the continued support that you offer the Year 8 team and school as a whole.