Year 8 Maths City Trip

28 students from Year 8 were rewarded with a trip to Maths City. This was a fantastic experience, with students exploring a variety of
hands-on puzzles and mathematical conundrums. These students were challenged to complete tasks and understand the logical reasoning required to make sense of the maths.

Collaborating to build a Leonardo Dome, the students built a huge
free-standing structure that was self-supporting, using only gravity to hold the pieces together. Once complete the dome was large enough to house several students and one teacher.

Showing the true spirit of resilience, students attacked each activity with a high degree of determination, competing against each other to solve the problem in the best way, as well as producing amazing pieces of art work with tessellations and less spectacular, although no less difficult, sketches of a fish completed by looking through a mirror.

Time flew by and soon we had to leave. The students had to be pulled away from their activities, not wanting to halt the fun they were having and still showing high levels of enthusiasm and engagement.

The workers at Maths City spoke very highly of those that had attended and the feedback from the students was that they would love to do this again. I am sure that if we get another trip in place these students will be able to drive everyone forward in order to secure a place.