Year 8 – Kirkstall Vue Cinema Reward Trip

On the 11 November, 28 students from Year 8 visited Kirkstall Vue Cinema with Mr Hawkins and Miss Mulcahy to watch ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’.

Prior to the half-term break, a competition was launched with a focus on accumulating as many positive points as possible within a specific period of time, awarded by class teachers, for consistently demonstrating outstanding attitudes to learning and producing brilliant homework. It was a pleasure to recognise these students for their achievements and efforts to represent our year group in a way that fulfils our year group vision – Togetherness, Opportunity, Positivity. They are a credit to the school and should be proud of the reputation that they have established for themselves; they truly are responsible, mature and enthusiastic young people who have an extremely bright future ahead of them.

We will continue to endeavour to seize more opportunities to reward our students throughout the rest of the academic year so that students themselves are encouraged to feel proud of their own progress and success in all areas of school life.