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Lightwater Valley Reward Trip

Last year we set up an incentive for our students, so that if they met a specific qualifying criteria, they would be rewarded with a school trip. This qualifying criteria was left in the capable hands of our students who decided that it should be those who have good attendance, great punctuality and display an overall positive attitude to their learning and in their school life who should be allowed to go on the trip.

There was lots of uncertainty around school trips last term.  With COVID-19 restrictions in place it made it almost impossible to determine the trip would be allowed to go ahead. But this didn’t stand in the way of our students, as each day they came to school with a smile and a positive approach to the constant adaptations they were facing and really demonstrated, through their personal and academic performances, just how deserving they were of a place on that coach!

So the day came and we packed our bags, loaded our coach, slapped on our sun cream, hit the road and made ourselves a day to remember Mount St Mary’s style! We couldn’t believe the braveness of some of our students; some were out seeking thrills on the fast paced rides, while some were drying themselves having been soaked on the splash water rides; however they decided to spend their day, they did so happily and respectfully and we were beyond proud to witness this.

Overall, it was a fabulous day and it was a sincere reminder to us all that there are in fact better days ahead.  

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