Year 8 Hockey Fixture

The Year 8 Hockey team went to Trinity Academy Leeds on the evening of Thursday 26 May to take part in our second hockey fixture of the year.

The girls were incredible. The progression of those who played in the first fixture was amazing, which in turn helped the girls who were competing for the first time, having only played hockey for 5 weeks!

We played four 12 minute quarters. After the first quarter we were trailing 2-0 but by the end of the second quarter we had managed to pull it back to 2-2. The final score, which I had down as 6-3, the girls were adamant was 6-4!!

Either way, it was an excellent performance by all and there was a plea to start up a hockey club, which will commence after half term.

Scarlett Northfield, Daniela Domeneghini,
Zainab Jalloh, Esther Omoruyi Okora,
Alana Barcenilla, Gabriella Ekeaqwu, Elsie Archer, Jessica Ansah, Vanessa Bediako Takyiwaa,
Veronika Wolde, Gabriella Johnson,
Stephanie Quartey & Ellouise Griffin