Year 8 ‘Go Higher’

The Year 8 team and students involved would like to say a massive thank you to the team from ‘Go Higher – West Yorkshire’ who came in to deliver an assembly followed by individual workshops which explored the different opportunities available in life beyond Mount St Mary’s.

Students were encouraged to consider the different pathways available to them following their GCSE studies, including BTEC courses, apprenticeships and A-levels, as well as how their own skills and ambitions might link to a range of next steps.

During the workshop, students participated in a project which helped them to better understand themselves as individuals. Each student produced a ‘Zine’, a magazine about their own interests, strengths, dream jobs, life goals and the challenges that they have set for themselves to achieve next year. Students were encouraged to look into themselves and explore their inner aspirations in a calm environment which allowed them to be creative. Students worked collaboratively and offered regular peer support; a clear demonstration of a key aspect of our year group vision, ‘Togetherness’.

Regular reflection about who they are as individuals and their importance in the world was fundamental to each workshop which aimed to help students to make the best choices when they leave school.

“all the girls and boys who participated in the workshop were extremely engaged, respectful and welcoming towards our external visitors. I was very impressed by the way that they embodied the school ethos through their approach to this opportunity.”

Miss Mulcahy, Mount St Mary's Catholic High School

“It was wonderful getting to work with your students and helping them to prepare for their respective futures. They were attentive and bright. Working with you again in the future would be great!”

'Go Higher - West Yorkshire' team, Your Content Goes Here