Year 8 Curtins Engineering

This term, a collection of the brightest mathematicians in Year 8 embarked on a real-world adventure at Curtins Engineering in Leeds, exploring the practical uses of mathematics. Engaging with structural engineering, city planning and interacting with an exhibit in place, students were hands on in designing and implementing ideas to solve problems and compete to produce the best wind resistant structures, channel water away whilst avoiding floods and gain insight into the impact different materials have on the foundation of a building.

Exploring the exhibit, students were able to bring their own ideas to bear and show off their talents with a photography tutorial, focussing on capturing the emotions of each other and lighting different objects. Giving a camera to students allowed them to put their own personality into their ideas and produce a creative piece of work that they were proud to be a part of.

Employees of Curtins were very impressed with the tenacity of the students and the resilience with which they applied themselves to each task.

Year 8 students delivered high levels of resilience throughout and were able to see how classroom learning can be taken out into possible future careers. They developed not only their creative thinking but their teamwork and social skills.

Thanks to all that attended and supported this event.