Recently we celebrated the coming together of our Year 7 community with a Pastoral Day during school hours, followed by a Welcome Mass in the evening. Throughout the day our students participated in a selection of activities that encouraged them to reflect on the first half-term at secondary school, appreciate the positive relationships that they have built and consider their next steps for the future. It is clear that our students understand how a culture of togetherness makes us stronger. The Year 7 team could not have been prouder of the way that our students conducted themselves and the energy that they afforded to all of the tasks that they were set. It was especially humbling to hear the prayers of intersession that our students produced on behalf of their form and the undertone of Retribuam that echoed everything that we represent and the values that we endeavour to promote. Following the challenges that we have faced as a society, it was an extremely special moment to be able to invite families to our school hall again to take part in collective worship. We cannot thank you enough for all of your support and the efforts you have made to help the exceptional young individuals in our year group to feel recognised for their achievements so far. Our journey has been a massive success so far, I look forward to us facing future challenges as a collective and becoming even “Stronger Together” as result.