Year 7 Rugby Tournament

12 October 23

This was the first that time Year 7 students have been able to represent their new school and show their resilience and camaraderie, within weeks of being part of the MSM community.

They are a fantastic team and did MSM proud all evening. We were placed into a difficult pool, with schools having much more experience, but this didn’t stop us. The 14 students that came with us this evening were relentless and resilient, never giving up.

Unfortunately, the scores did not go in our favour, but the team adapted each game, learning from their mistakes and taking advice onboard from both myself and Mr Reed, as well as the Rhinos foundation staff running the event. All evening there was a lovely atmosphere as students were reunited with past friends who did not move to us at MSM, creating a very positive rivalry in what was the first of many rugby tournaments this year.

Myself, Mr Reed and Josh from the Rhinos foundation are incredibly proud of what the 14 team members achieved and we hope that their experience will fuel their new-found passion for years to come, allowing them to fulfil their potential and become a force to be reckoned with.

We hope to see all 14 that attended, and anyone else that wishes to get involved, at training every Tuesday afternoon, as Rugby at MSM continues to grow.

I would like to give one shout out to Lucas Jarrett who, on short notice, was given the captaincy role. If he continues to show this level of resilience and maturity, I can see him being the captain for the year group throughout his time at MSM.

S. Cooper and E. Reed