Year 7 RAF Enrichment

On Monday 15th November, two separate sets of Year 7 students took part in team building workshops run by Martin from the RAF, to support their personal development. The first set of students engaged in a workshop based on expanding their communication and problem-solving skills. The students were encouraged to think outside the box to complete different activities with the help of their peers, for example untangling multiple knots without letting go of the rope. All activities required active listening, teamwork, and the use of initiative, along with the use of effective verbal and non-verbal communication. Our Year 7 students thoroughly impressed Martin and Mount St Mary’s staff with their excellent teamwork abilities and their conscientious attitudes towards the workshop. The big smiles on their faces during and after the workshop showed how much they enjoyed it. One of our students stated, “It was really fun and I’m so glad I got chosen to do it. I learnt a lot and it’s shown me that we’re stronger together.”

The second set of students engaged in another RAF workshop led by Martin, which involved students completing a RAF mission based on a humanitarian crisis. Students had to work in groups to complete different objectives which were all related to resolving the crisis. Logical thinking and problem-solving skills were put to the test whilst students used their sense of care and initiative to decide how best to support those who were in need during the crisis. Every student put 100% effort into this workshop and presented brilliant teamwork skills, which allowed students to help their peers find the correct answers to the mental challenges which were appointed to them. Martin was extremely impressed with how confident and resilient our Year 7s were in this workshop, as well as how respectful and responsible they all were. The staff at Mount St Mary’s are so impressed with how exceptionally our Year 7s performed in each workshop. We would like to give a special thank you to Martin from the RAF, who made these workshops possible along with making them so educating and entertaining.

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