Year 7
Positive Futures and Leeds Girls Can

In Year 7 we have tried to provide students with as many opportunities to grow and start their MSM journeys in a positive way.

After February half term, 24 students were chosen to take part in Positive Futures and Leeds Girls Can initiatives. Throughout the 6 week programme students were taught how to rock climb and skateboard, ride mountain bikes and ice skate by professional instructors, alongside learning relevant and important information during a resilience, wellbeing and positive role model workshop along with many more activities.

It was fantastic to see the Year 7 cohort demonstrate so much engagement, stepping out of their comfort zones and pushing themselves to take on new challenges. Each week all students showed enthusiasm, teamwork, resilience and respect towards each other and the instructors.

We could not be happier with the progress each student has made towards their personal development and we hope they continue the engagement and enthusiasm towards becoming the best version of themselves. I hope they are able to take the skills learnt throughout the programme into Year 8.