Year 7 Light Water Valley Trip

On the 21st of July 2022, we were delighted to take over 160 students from our Year 7 2021-22 cohort on a reward trip to Lightwater Valley Family Adventure Park in celebration of their outstanding achievements throughout the academic year. Students were invited onto the trip for consistently demonstrating our school and year group values, whilst always meeting or exceeding expectations in terms of attendance, behaviour and attitudes to learning; alongside generous acts of Retribuam that are the foundation of our ethos.

Students were outstanding, showing Togetherness through their enjoyment of the company of their peers and seizing the Opportunity to make the most of this fun-filled experience. There was a Positive atmosphere throughout the day as a result of the excellent conduct of students which made the day extremely enjoyable for all. It was a pleasure to oversee students spending time on the rides and rollercoasters with friends. This event reiterated to us how special our year group is and how mature and responsible the individuals are within it. We have been blessed with some truly impressive individuals with diverse and engaging personalities.

This was a memorable occasion, and we are extremely grateful for how well our students represented Mount St Mary’s. We now cannot wait to celebrate together again at the end of this academic year!