“In this university session we did many things like starting to know how to get better teamwork and help each other with what we were doing. We did some work on a blind fold maze that helped our teamwork, a guess the word from hints which helped us communicate better and we also did some work on if something is a skill or not. It was really fun because we sat with some people we might not have known and we did a lot of teamwork activities too. Overall I found this session very good and enjoyable because of how friendly and kind the people were and because they taught us many different things. It was fun having them teach us a lot of fun stuff and overall I really liked it and will definitely consider going to their university. Overall I think many people liked it and enjoyed it.” Pawel Wroniecki – Year 7

“In the Into-University workshop on Thursday 22nd on April, we did a variety of activities which would help us enhance different necessary skills. The activities included a blindfolded maze, with a partner guiding us around the maze; A speech activity where we had 2 questions and we had to answer the questions and talk to our partner for exactly a minute; a third activity where we had to describe a certain career, or thing to our partner without saying the word, or using a couple of other words. Some skills that these activities helped us improve are our time management skills, teamwork, resilience and many other skills that would be required to be a good student. My favourite thing to do in the workshop was being able to freely express my opinion and also the fun we had while playing the games. Overall, the workshop was extremely exciting, and I would like to work with Into University again.”
Urte Koskute – Year 7

“I just wanted to say thanks to you and all of the other school staff who helped us get in and deliver to Year 7 and Year 8 last week, especially at short notice.

It’s been months since we have been able to deliver in person at any schools, and we couldn’t have hoped for two better groups to deliver with – the team all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Both cohorts were focused and engaged.” Ali Johnson from Into-University

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