Year 7 Girls Football Match

The U13’s first football match saw them face Cockburn in a 9-a-side friendly.

This was the first time the Year 7 girls have represented Mount St Mary’s and although a loss of 6-1 is not the outcome we would have liked, the girls were very enthusiastic to play.

The Year 7 players were coached and supported by a select few Year 8 students (Fatou Sanneh, Nicky Mukoko, Holly Kabeda and Medet Segheed) who were fantastic role models and gave some wise words of wisdom.

Israa Abdillah, Adiam Haile, Carla Gunzon, Emanuela Osagie, Priscille Ntumba-Kakutya,
Meadin Fisahaye, Grace Madu, and Rahman Rahmadan