Year 7 Football Match

We travelled to Trinity Academy for a league game – a derby considering their proximity to us. After 10 minutes MSM were losing 2-0, we had started slowly, we were not used to the surface and the home advantage was working for TAL. Slowly we got into our rhythm, and pulled one back via the penalty spot after sustained pressure on their defence. Captain Kieron smashed it into the top corner and it was game on. Zoel then rifled in a second and we stopped for half time 2-2 but looking the better side. In the second half Papush scored two more and eventually we finished 4-3 winners. The players’ attitude and camaraderie was a joy to see and they are starting to believe they are one of the top teams around.

Man of the match was Alfie Morrison, whenever TAL thought they were in on goal, out of nowhere Alfie would appear and stamp out their attacks, a diminutive defender who packs an almighty punch, and showed everyone else how a real defender plays the game – superb!