Year 7 Embroidery Club

Miss Mulcahy’s Embroidery Club allows our Year 7 students to delve into the world of hand-embroidery, accompanied by a relaxing and peaceful, yet productive, environment. The club takes place every Tuesday from 3pm-4:15pm and all Year 7 students are welcome whether they have embroidered before or not. Embroidery hoops, fabric, thread and needles are provided, however, Miss Mulcahy encourages students to bring in an old, pre-loved jumper or t-shirt from home to embroider on. Through upcycling old clothing in this way, it not only gives old clothes a new life, but it also educates our Year 7s on the importance of sustainable fashion and how this benefits the environment.

The club serves many purposes alongside giving students a project to work on which they can take home and keep. For example, research suggests that hand-embroidery benefits well-being and mood due to how soothing, meditative and relaxing the process is. Secondly, the act of embroidering promotes skills such as patience, resilience, hand-eye coordination and design and planning; techniques that students can build on and use in later life. In addition to this, the club provides students with another extracurricular opportunity to socialise and spend their time with like-minded peers, giving them a positive end to their school day. Miss Mulcahy is already very impressed with the designs and the embroidering that she has seen so far and is extremely excited to see what they can produce in the future.