Year 7 – Christmas Cards

As we get ready for the month of Advent, our Year 7’s have been designing their own Christmas cards and have written warm and meaningful messages inside. They have done this in the spirit of our school motto, Quid Retribuam, hoping to make those who are potentially spending Christmas alone feel considered and cared for. This year we have curated our cards for our year group charity, Leeds Irish Health and Homes. Through this initiative, we hope to ignite the true meaning behind Christmas within our own school community and beyond. As a thank you to our students for their efforts, a small reward will be given to students who have gone above and beyond to design a heartfelt and vibrant design, with the most supportive, caring and selfless messages inside. We consistently endeavour to instil the Catholic ethos of our community in the students and are becoming increasingly proud of the way that our Year 7 cohort demonstrate Catholic principles and values each and every day!