Year 7 Bushcraft Residential

On Thursday 9th May 38 Year 7 students set off to Castle Howard where they embarked on a 2 day, overnight camping trip at The Bushcraft Company. Upon arriving at the camp the students got a tour of the grounds and went straight into some games and problem solving activities, of which the stick game went on to be one of the most loved but frustrating games that the students encountered. If you don’t know what the stick game is, ask one of the students and I know they will happily introduce it to you!

After splitting into tribes, where team names, chants and identities were established, the students started their first activity which was learning how to start a fire. In their tribes the students collected wood, lit their fire and cooked their BBQ lunch. The BBQ was very favourable amongst the students and was one of their favourite meals.

The second activity of the day was shelter building, a great opportunity for our tribes to explore their creative side. The ideas that they came up with were fantastic, we certainly have some budding architects and sale consultants.

For the evening activity students learnt some survival first aid which they put into practice the next day during an SOS scenario. The day was wrapped up with hot chocolate and marshmallows around the campfire before retreating to the bell tents.

Other activities that students took part in across the 2 days included playing predator, more problem solving games and a wilderness walk where students learnt about the different trees and flowers.

Overall, we had a fantastic time and I think many might even try camping again!

What the students say ……

It was my first camping experience, and I would 100% go again. I was able to engage in fun activities that have never crossed my mind before. I grew closer with people I didn’t speak to often and made new friends. If there is another trip, expect to see my name on the list. Overall, I’d recommend it to everyone. 5.5 star rating out of 5! – Evelyn

My favourite thing was making burgers because we also learnt how to make the fire in the process and we got to eat the burgers once they were cooked.

The bushcraft trip was amazing and exciting because we got to learn new stuff like how to make a fire and survival skills. It was also fun when we got to play the stick game because I was one of the first people to be able to play it. We also got to learn about different flowers and leaves and some you could eat and some that were poisonous. If you go on this trip, use the team name G.O.A.Ts because it is a very magical thing.  – Treyvaun

My favourite activity was shelter building because it was fun and I got to spend time with my tribe. I didn’t have a least favourite and enjoyed them all!