Every Breath You Take – (British Science Week)

Several students attended a lunch time workshop to celebrate British Science Week.

They learnt about why we respire and about the gases that we exhale. They built a kit each that they could use to prove that carbon dioxide is released when we breath out and that it is a slightly acidic gas.

They took the kits home so that they could be real Scientists and teach what they had learnt.

The feedback they got from their family was amazing:

“I liked learning by experimenting”

Agnieszka’s mother

“My teacher explained the whole process in detail and demonstrated it. He was very sure of his knowledge.”

Maria’s mother

“5 star teacher. Confident, interesting and funny!”

Adrian’s father

“I liked when the water changed colour from green to yellow by blowing out carbon dioxide.”

Mikey’s cousin

“He explained the process in an interesting way.”

Edita’s mother

“I really liked to learn about new facts.”

Peyton’s sister