Year 11 Rugby

Tuesday 8 November 2022 was a fantastic occasion, the first rugby match held at MSM for at least the last 5 years! Despite the score, the MSM lads did not give up. They had some fantastic phases of play and I could not be prouder of what they achieved. They were absolutely impeccable, their attitude was fantastic and they would have carried on if it had not become too dark to play.

The idea was to give the year group a change from the high stress environment they are in throughout Year 11, providing them an outlet for some of their energy. They have truly shown they are an incredibly respectful year group, the atmosphere throughout the game from players and spectators was electric.

The teachers from Leeds West Academy commented about how good the atmosphere was and they loved experiencing what we offer here at MSM. Due to the conduct of our boys, and the enjoyment they all had on the evening, Leeds West Academy have offered us the opportunity for a return fixture with them before the mock exams begin.

Congratulations to the boys on both their attitude and their gratitude after the game.

Samuel Cooper

“On Tuesday 8th, Year 11 had an exciting and gruelling rugby match against Leeds West Academy. It was great to be out and representing the school! Even though the team has only been formed not too long ago, through that time we have all managed to create a strong bond with each other, creating a great sense of unity. On the day we had a great turn out from the spectators, boosting our team’s morale and determining us to play to the best of our ability. Although we suffered a tragic loss due to our lack of experience we are all proud of our performance on the pitch and are confident that with time we’ll be able to beat our opponents when we have a rematch; after us having more time for training and improving our skills. As a team we would like to thank Mr S Cooper for organising this fantastic opportunity and supporting us in the time of preparation.” Regards, Mateusz

Message from Mateusz Grabowski, MSM Student