Year 11 Prom

The day finally arrived, after all the planning and preparation, haircuts and nail appointments, we welcomed back Year 11 for their 2023 Leavers’ Ball. Students arrived in style from limos, hummers and even decorated vans, they dazzled us with their outfits and ensured we had an amazing celebration of their time at Mount St Mary’s.

Greeted with a singer outside, the excitement was building as students welcomed each other for the celebration of the century. Once inside students were treated to a two-course meal and a delicious welcome mocktail. Surrounded by a beautifully decorated room, students reminisced over their embarrassing school photos whilst enjoying one final meal together. After the food the party really got started, Mr Flynn opened the chocolate fountain and sweet stall and the VIPs took their place in the VIP booth. The DJ turned up the music and students filled the dance floor.

The VIPS enjoyed special deliveries throughout the night as a reward for their excellent work in school. As the queue for the selfie mirror grew, students captured memories of their night. Some students were sweatier than others as the effort to impress on the dancefloor increased. The party then spilled into an organised limbo competition where Miguel showed off his talents once again to the year group.

Finally, the night concluded with the announcement of our Prom King and Queen. No pair could be more deserving than the lovely Lily and Casey who won by a very narrow two votes. Mr Flynn may have struggled to squeeze the crowns on their heads as they sat on their thrones, but no one could deny what a fantastic young couple they made.

As the music stopped, students exhaustedly turned around to hug one another and say a final goodbye. As all the students walked off into the night Mr Flynn and the staff tidied the room and reflected on saying goodbye to such an amazing group of young people. We can’t wait to welcome them all back for results day.

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