Year 11 Mock Results Day

It was fantastic to see all the hard work and dedication pay off for our Year 11 students in their
Mock Results day.

We are very proud of all of the Year 11s for not only the incredible mock results received, but also the lovely and supportive atmosphere all around. During the assembly, before receiving any results, the air was supportive despite the nerves everyone was feeling – a sense of unity consumed the hall. When the students were opening their envelopes, there were a variety of reactions: from excited, to shocked and some even disappointed with certain grades, however, one thing stood out, the community that was formed. People were hugging and celebrating both their own achievements and other people’s, even if they weren’t close friends.

Overall, we are so proud of all of Year 11 for the support and passion to achieve more and improve during the period leading up to GCSEs. Our year group should focus on using help offered to their advantage during these months, including asking teachers for resources, such as past papers, and attending boosters. After school boosters are helpful with more targeted topics, worksheets to take away, and a quiet space to revise in if that’s not available at home, in addition to direct support from teachers.

One revision technique we recommend is the Pomodoro technique, this is where you revise for 25 minutes, rest for 5 minutes and repeat this 3 times. Then, have a 30 minute rest and restart, this balances work time and rest time giving the brain a moment to refresh. However, each individual should find a method suited to them specifically to prioritise revision time and rest. Once again, a huge well done to all of Year 11, we are unbelievably proud of you all. – Ophelia White and Amelia Milne, Year 11.