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As we near the end of Year 11’s time with us at Mount St Mary’s, students can chose to buy a leavers hoodie and a leaver’s year book to remember their time at school! The hoodies come in a variety of colours and sizes so every child can chose what suits them best, they will have the school logo on the front and a large ‘21’ on the back will all of the students names written inside it. The year book will be filled with lots of great memories; each child will have an individual picture with a quote of their choice underneath, messages from teachers, form group pictures, ‘awards’ for what they think classmates may get up to in the future or who has been a big influence on the year group, it will show off our prefect team and include lots of pictures from their younger years in school.

To purchase any of these items or register interest in them, parents/guardians should use the MyEd app. We will not be taking any cash payments this year due to the current climate, so all payments must be made via ParentPay, please get in touch if you are struggling to access any of these apps.

· Leaver’s Assembly

Once we have more guidance on when students will leave school, our final day together will be our Year 11 Leavers Assembly. This will be a celebration of the students time at Mount St Mary’s, all the memories they have, the brilliant things they have achieved, some performances from students and final goodbye messages from form tutors, the year team, and the students themselves.

· Final Year 11 Football

With so many talented and enthusiastic sportsmen in our year group, as a celebration and a fundraising activity we will be hosting an East vs West football match. All proceeds will go towards leaver’s events like prom and the rewards trip.

· Year 11 Rewards Trip

As every year we have a rewards trip to celebrate all the students who have worked hard and behaved exceptionally, this year will be no different. A trip to Alton Towers has been planned for the final weeks we will have with Year 11, more information will follow when details are confirmed via MyEd.

Important Dates

School Closes for Half Term - Friday 28th May 2021

School Reopens Monday June 7th 2021

Year 11 Prom - July 2nd 2021


Any important letters relating to Year 11 will be displayed here

Year 11 Summer Arrangements

Year 11 Team

Miss L O'Brien

Student Advocate

Mrs H West

Year Leader

Miss H Wyre

Pastoral Support Officer

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