We were introduced back to school with a brilliant speech by Phil Fraser. Phil is a very successful business man who told us about his long journey to earning millions. He inspired us by telling us the long list of jobs he went through and how we should still take a skill from everything we experience. He also told us the skills that are most important for employers and showed us that a simple job such as stacking shelves can teach us multiple transferable skills such as showing initiative. It was very inspirational to us students as it showed us that even if we don’t know what we would like to do as a career yet, or if we are not the most academically intelligent, we can still reach success in the future. We also learnt that applying for jobs is only the first step and that the most important thing is to show your personality and interests as much as possible, even on your CV – Mabruk Yusuff, 11CQU

“It was great because it showed us that you don’t have to be academically successful to achieve your goals.” – Julia Asante

“It was good because it taught me that to get a job you not only need a CV but also a cover letter and it taught me how to layout a CV too.” – Marcia Dos Santos

“Made me realise that there are always errors before you succeed.” – Paris Smart

“Has made me realise that cover letters are needed for some jobs.” – Alicia Do Carmo

“It made me reflect about my time left in high school and how I want to improve my grades.” – Isabella Kyere