Year 11 students took part in an Evidence Enhancement week before the Easter holidays in order to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding in a formal setting. This is just one way that the school is meeting the expectations laid out by Ofqual for schools in regards to what evidence will be required to support Centre Assessed Grades being issued this year.

The Year 11’s demonstrated maturity in their approach to these formal evidence opportunities. For many it was their first time in a whole cohort exam hall formal environment due to the Year 10 and Year 11 mock examinations being disrupted by 2 national lockdowns.

Invigilators were very impressed by the students. “How the students conduct themselves is an absolute credit to the staff. They are extremely responsible and respectful and how they show their readiness to do their best in exam conditions never ceases to amaze me” Mrs Marshall-Beck

Ms Howley said I have really enjoyed my time as an invigilator. The children have been very respectful, coming in and leaving the exams with respect for others.”

Mrs Goddard-Wood, Faculty Director for Creative Arts, Business and Computing said “The Year 11’s have taken the whole process so seriously, I could not be more impressed with how mature they have been. The atmosphere this week has been exactly the same as it usually is during official examination windows. I am so proud of the Year 11 students and all the time and hard work they have invested.”

Mr Wylam, Acting Deputy Head said “This was the first time many students have had a series of formal exams in one block of time and they followed all our examination protocols without fail. Students had spent a lot of time utilising their revision and retrieval skills to be ready for this evidence opportunity and students can be proud of the evidence they have provided. Student can now be secure they have a solid platform to build on over the coming weeks so that they demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding as best they can.”

Information regarding our Evidence Enhancement Week can be found below: