Year 10 Football Team

The Year 10 football squad is by far the most talented school team I have ever had the privilege to manage, and I have had some good teams over the years! Currently unbeaten in the league, and sitting top of the table, they have only conceded 3 goals and scored 15 in three games so far. The weather has slowed us down but as this improves, we will continue to get fixtures and hopefully qualify for the city play offs. The players are tremendous, their chemistry infectious, but what they can do on the pitch to the opposition is mind blowing. I once said to them, “I pay nearly £20 to watch York City and I’d rather pay £20 to watch you guys play” – that’s good they are!

Squad: Victory, Mirad, Bradley, Dylan, David, Lamek, Aden, Ashen, Mark, Roy, Edwin, Carrick, Kim, Rohame, Leeroy, Scott, Godwill, Bryan

We began with a 5-0 win against Dixons Trinity, this was followed up with an 11-2 win against Oulton, our last game before Christmas was a closely edged game against Morley, coming away with a 2-1 win. Watch this space as this team will go on to to do great things I am sure!