Year 10 Fieldtrip to Hornsea

In July the latest batch of geographers headed towards where the sun had risen earlier in the day, armed with their Physical Fieldwork booklets, stationery and the latest up to date measuring equipment. It was time for the annual MSM fieldtrip to the Yorkshire Riviera [Hornsea] to assess the effectiveness of coastal management practices in combatting the remorseless churning of the North Sea.

Mrs Taylor had worked her magic and conjured a beautiful warm day with wall to wall sunshine; a perfect combination of meteorological conditions well suited to the collection of geographical information. Upon arrival the staff and students were welcomed not only with a beautiful summer’s day more akin to the French Riviera, but also a ‘biblical host’ of sand flies and schools from the length and breadth of NE England. Unperturbed by the weather, the swarms of sand flies and students with clipboards, measuring sticks and strange accents, the students from MSM set about their allotted tasks. Measurements were taken, field-sketches drawn and annotated and questions answered to establish the effectiveness of those coastal management strategies employed to fight the processes of erosion.

Once the hard work had been completed it was time for the staff and students to take in the glorious weather, skim stones and partake of some traditional English fare . . . ‘Fish & Chips’ by the seaside! A perfect end to a perfect day and before the mushy peas even had time to dry out it was back on the coach and the return journey to the more familiar pastures of East Leeds. Same again next year please . . .