Alton Towers Reward Trip

19th October arrived and it was finally time for our Year 10 and 11 students to enjoy their Rewards Trip to Alton Towers. In total 190 students accepted their invite, after displaying impeccable attitudes to learning throughout the previous academic year.

Students and staff had a great day as they enjoyed the terrifying rollercoasters and the even more terrifying Scarefest entertainment. For

one student the fear was too much as she managed to faint on the way down the mighty Oblivion rollercoaster, luckily waking up when she reached the bottom all safe and well.

The students represented the school fantastically and braved several rides throughout the day. Special mentions must go to the Year 11 boys who were petrified after the first ride and Genesis Clores who tried to win a teddy on the basketball stand and missed all 9 shots.(keep practicing Genesis).

Both Mr Reed and Mr Flynn were incredibly proud of all the students in their year groups and can’t wait to see even more students on the trip next year.