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186 Year 10 students went out on a 2 week work experience placement at the end of April. There were 116 different placements which included pharmacies, primary schools, an architect firm, engineering, a law firm and 4 star hotels, to name a few.

We want to congratulate all of Year 10 for representing the school well and hope they learnt valuable skills which they can use in their future career.

Staff visited students on their placements and we had the following great feedback:

Overall it was a pleasure to have Jeremiah get on board with tasks given to him, and the staff enjoyed his company and showing him how we work.

Seacroft Library

Michael has been a pleasure to manage over the past two weeks. Impeccable manners. Michael was very shy to begin with but did come out of his shell as time went on and would always respond positively if asked to carry out a task. Very eager to learn and would always focus well when being shown something new.

Leeds Irish Health and Homes
When I met Connie, she did not stop smiling with pure joy at what she was getting to do. She has said this is the job she wants to now do for definite, teaching sport in primary schools.
St Philip's Primary School

Benny was an exemplary work experience student, attending every day promptly and working with members across the wider team to understand the different roles within the business.

Abstract Tech
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After years of cancellation throughout Covid, April saw the return of Work Experience to Mount St Mary’s. We knew it was time to get one of the most powerful experiences back on track for our Young People. After months of applications, telephone interviews and door to door CV dropping, we sent an incredible 173 students to Work Experience placements.

In terms of variety, this year did not disappoint, from Nurseries and Primary Schools to Pharmacists and Farms, we managed to work with an amazing 99 different employers over the two weeks. We would like to thank all our employers who made sure the students were well supported and had an opportunity to show the best versions of themselves.

We would also like to thank our staff who visited 186 placements during the two weeks to check in on students and make sure they were supported throughout their journey. Students found the experience incredibly rewarding with quotes such as “Work Experience taught me to be patient and that you need to work hard to get where you are. There are no shortcuts and you don’t automatically get what you want.” Taneka Harakuta.

Tales of hard work and enthusiasm were fed back daily. It was great to hear stories of success from all the way across Yorkshire. There were students opening the locks on canals in Huddersfield, students feeding lambs at Meanwood Valley Farm and students catering for buffets at nurseries in our local area.

Employers were blown away by the work rates of our young people.
Rawdha Rammadhan was singled out for praise for her resilience on the farm. Ewan Maderia Sorin was highlighted by his headteacher, saying she would employ him as a TA tomorrow. This pattern continued countless times over. Kyle Sim was even offered a part time catering role due to his success at his nursery and numerous more similar offers came flooding back via email and staff feedback forms. As a Year Leader, Mr Flynn could not be prouder of
Year 10, as they all now have excellent references to add to their CV’s and invaluable experience to take into the world of work.

As a small reward three lucky students – Lee, Ewan and Michael – were selected to receive a prize of Premier League Football tickets for their excellent contributions during work experience. The students were beaming with pride as they watched the mighty Leeds United secure their place in the Premier League in the last home match of the season.

Students clearly valued the experience with many holding new or refreshed ambitions to succeed. “Work Experience has made me change my mind on what I want to do. I could see myself doing teacher training now” Lee Morrison. Furthermore, this has been demonstrated by their motivated return to lessons, as students prepare to revise for mock exams and complete their CV’s for Employer Interview Day. We can not wait to see how successful students will be with this new drive forward as they approach Year 11.

Work Experience Placement Form

Quotes from Year 10 Students

“I enjoyed serving customers and making brownies, Yorkshire puddings and English breakfasts as my food was the best. Work Experience taught me that life is not easy” Jonathan
“Work Experience taught me to be patient and that you need to work hard to get where you are. There are no shortcuts and you don’t automatically get what you want” Taneka
“It has taught me to not say no to things and developed my Resilience” Aleksander
“My favourite moment at Work Experience was seeing how the Hospitality industry worked and getting along with everybody in a job whilst learning new things” Taneka
“ Work Experience has made me change my mind on what I want to do. I could see myself doing teacher training now” Lee
““I was shattered, I didn’t realise how hard teachers worked, but now I don’t know how you do it” Julia O
“My favourite thing was learning how to do eyelashes. All the staff were nice and I felt comfortable. I would now like to own my own beauticians” Victoria
“I learnt how to cook pizza from scratch and enjoyed building relationships with the employees” Brooklyn
“I enjoyed my time with the children and it made me more patient” Miguel
“It is worth doing because if you’re shy you can build your confidence” Michelle

Quotes from Work Placements

Lee, Ewan and Michael – Premier League Football Tickets Winners

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the organisations that provided work experience for our Year 10 Students. Thank you for all the efforts you make in helping our students experience the world of work.

Through work experience they can develop their skills and qualities to ensure all our students are ‘work ready’ by the time they finish with us in Year 11.

Thank you!

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