‘Women of the Future’

On Friday 1st March 2024, we took a cohort of Year 9 girls on a trip to Wellington Place in Leeds City Centre. The project, ‘Women of the Future’, aimed to raise aspirations and encourage students with an extra level of motivation and education to prepare for the world of work.

The day involved working with women in aspirational roles in companies based in Wellington Place, from female apprenticeships to top CEO’s. The aim was to showcase a range of role models so that every young female student was able relate in some way to a professional at the event.

Students were blown away by the modern office spaces used by different companies based at the site and were inspired by the conversations that they had with different members of staff throughout the tour. They were provided with a real insight into a new way of working in the office, as an alternative to remote work following the COVID pandemic.

The day ended with an inspirational poet who summarised the intent behind the event through motivational words, encouraging students to consider the power that lies within. Our students were rewarded for their enthusiasm and engagement throughout the day with gift bags containing a free GHD hairdryer each! We would like to thank the students who attended the event and the staff at Wellington Place who gave up their time and resources to facilitate such an incredible experience.