What is ‘Prevent’, and what does it have to do with British Values?

The Prevent Agenda is the name for the Government’s plan to use Education as a way of preventing young people from being radicalised or from turning to Extremism.

​In its 2011 Prevent Strategy, the Government defined the following as key British values:

  • ​Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual Respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

​At Mount St Mary’s Catholic High School, we work to safeguard our students from radicalisation and extremism by promoting these values through our school curriculum (both in academic subjects and through our PSHCE programme).

We educate our students so that they understand that anyone can be vulnerable to the destructive influences of extremism, making them aware and alert to potential danger, especially through their use of social media. This is delivered through the Online Safety units of the PSHCE programme and is reinforced separately and explicitly through activities like our Big Splash lesson focus and follow-up assemblies.

​For further information, guidance and support click Online Safety.

Click on the links below to see an example of our Big Splash Prevent activity and the follow-up assembly that delivered each year to all year groups.

If you have any concerns relating to extremism or radicalisation, or any questions with regard to the Prevent programme, please contact Donna Chadwick, Designated Safeguarding Lead.