The Initial Teacher Training (ITT) year is an incredibly important year in every single teacher’s development. Learning the requirements, demands and methods that underpin teaching is an incredible challenge, requiring the utmost professionalism and commitment. It is also an incredibly rewarding year and acts as a taste of how rich and important the teaching profession is. Alongside our training providers, we at Mount St Mary’s take great pride in the support that we provide individuals completing their ITT year towards earning their PGCE. Within school our team of mentors, host teachers and students will do our utmost to provide the care, opportunity and encouragement needed to allow trainees to become the best possible teachers they can be.

If you are interested in learning more about a career in education, or wish to gain experience within a secondary school setting before embarking on your own route into teaching, then please contact me at school: and I will do my best to support your ambition.

We look forward to welcoming you to Mount St Mary’s Catholic High School.

Mr I Hinchley
ITT Co-ordinator

Training Program


Sample of ITT
in-school training

Quotes from previous (ITT’s)
Initial Teacher Training’s

Felt welcome at the school, ITT Coordinator was informed, approachable and responded to queries rapidly, offering constructive and understanding support. My department made me feel like a valued member of the team, and were always on hand with help, support and encouragement.
Science Trainee (15/12/2020)

My host teachers supported my development up to teaching full lessons, with constructive feedback throughout, they made me feel at ease in the classroom and trusted my planning and teaching. My mentor couldn’t have been more helpful, she supported me when I needed it and helped me when I asked for it or she could see I was struggling, but she never micromanaged or patronised me.
Geography Trainee (15/12/2020)

The school has been wonderful in accommodating me. Miss Rathore and Mr Hinchley have all been fantastically excellent, no concern too small. Their feedback is always constructive and as a department everyone has treated me like a member of the team. The ethos of the school is welcoming and teachers outside of the department have also been fantastic.
English Trainee (27/03/2020)

My second placement has gone very well. I feel very welcomed and settled in my placement and have had a range of different opportunities throughout my placement, both teaching and extra-curricular.
Maths Trainee (26/03/2020)

Testimonials from
Organisations we work with

We have had some fantastic feedback and they found the day extremely informative and also thoroughly enjoyable.  It was perfect timing within the course of this long term for them to experience a change of environment in relation to their ITT professional studies.
YTSA (16/12/2019)

Thank you so much for all of your hard work with Leeds Trinity University Trainee(s) in Stage A. We have had some great feedback from your Trainees.
LTU (18/12/2020)

It was a lovely celebration and lots of positive affirmations from the trainees placed with you this year.  Thank you for all the work that you have done with them – both they and I have really appreciated it.
GORSE (10/06/2020)