The Initial Teacher Training (ITT) year is an incredibly important year in every single teacher’s development. Learning the requirements, demands and methods that underpin teaching is an incredible challenge, requiring the utmost professionalism and commitment. It is also an incredibly rewarding year and acts as a taste of how rich and important the teaching profession is.

At Mount St Mary’s Catholic High School, we believe we have a responsibility to provide opportunities for trainee teachers to succeed. We recognise that teaching is a demanding yet rewarding profession, and we are committed to providing our trainee teachers with the best possible training through our ITT programme. We work closely with our ITT providers to ensure that our trainee teachers receive the highest quality support, guidance and mentoring throughout their training. We believe that effective ITT teaching is crucial in preparing our trainee teachers for their roles as educators, and we are committed to providing them with opportunities to develop their teaching skills both inside and outside the classroom. At Mount St Mary’s, we pride ourselves on our ethos of ‘educating the individual for the benefit of all’ and this includes the nurturing and development of our trainee teachers. Ultimately, we aim to create a learning environment where our students can thrive, and we firmly believe that investing in our ITT teaching programme is an investment in the future success of our school and the success of future teachers.

If you are interested in learning more about a career in education, or wish to gain experience within a secondary school setting before embarking on your own route into teaching, then please contact: and we will endeavour to provide this opportunity for you.

We look forward to welcoming you to Mount St Mary’s Catholic High School.

Mr T Walker
ITT Co-ordinator

Training Program


Sample of ITT in-school training

Quotes from previous (ITT’s)
Initial Teacher Training’s

MSM was the ideal place from my first placement as my mentor and ITT coordinator made me feel super comfortable and eased my nerves. I am now moving on to my second placement with so much confidence that I have developed during my time here. My host teachers were also lovely and provided me with great feedback, allowing me to develop my skills each week. Thank you for making my initial teaching experience so pleasant!
Science Trainee (2022/2023)

From the offset at MSM the level of provision I have received and have been given has been fantastic to receive as I feel incredibly lucky to have landed at this school for my very first placement as a teacher. A lot of staff have gone beyond to help me throughout my process and were always happy to answer questions and explain anything to me in the best/ deepest way possible. For the level of nurturing and provision I have received I will forever be grateful as I feel like this has set me up in a great manner moving into my second placement. Special thanks to my mentor for their continued support and desire to help me become the best possible teacher at this stage of my journey, you have been brilliant.
PE Trainee (2022/2023)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Mount St Marys. I was made to feel very welcomed by all the staff and students. I was supported by my professional mentor and subject mentor throughout the placement and they help me to progress and develop as a teacher. The training sessions we had were very informative and I feel I learnt a lot from the members of staff who ran them.
Science Trainee (2022/2023)

MSM has been a joy to work at and begin my teacher training. The students that attend is brilliant and so kind and hardworking but that really comes down to the staff. The staff at MSM are a true credit to the school. It is clear they all work so hard to reach that achievement of ensuring the students are progressing not only in an academic way but in their personal growth too and what those students are doing and achieving outside of school.

When it has come to my development as a teacher, staff have been successful in coaching me to progress and help me become a great teacher and giving me that support when it is has been necessary, as well as being completely understanding during the times that I have struggled with my training.
RE Trainee (2022/2023)

My time at MSM was an invaluable experience that will aid me throughout my teaching career. The ITT co-ordinator and my mentor made me feel welcome at the school which helped me settle into teaching. Students are dedicated to their education which is very rewarding for teachers. The Headteacher is devoted to developing the students’ social confidence and educational development. Also, I was given the opportunity to work with the amazing EAL staff who provide bespoke support to EAL students who need it. Working in the school’s ‘E-zone’ taught me how to adapt my practice to suit the needs of students which is crucial to being a good teacher.

The community at Mount St Mary’s Catholic High School is truly outstanding. Students from all walks of life are treated with the exact same respect, care and support ensuring that all students feel safe and are encouraged to make the right choices! The school and staff go above and beyond for the students and have amazing in house resources that help them ensure they always teach every student to the top. I feel so lucky to have witnessed such amazing teaching, support and kindness so early on in my teaching career. I want to particularly thank the English department especially my mentor Maddie Lisgo, Thomas Walker, the EAL team and the rest of the school for providing me with the best experience possible. The progress that all students make within MSM speaks for itself and I would recommend anyone thinking of teaching to go to MSM and experience how disadvantaged students, EAL students and all other students can be supported to achieve their very best!

Testimonials from
Organisations we work with

I was extremely impressed by the detailed training plan that had been shared by Thomas in advance of trainees attending. The sessions were immediately relevant and the proceeded at a very clipped pace. This allowed trainees to see many aspects of school operation and it has begun to put into perspective for them some of their introductory central training. This was an exemplary day, fully in alignment with the SCITT’s own training plans and, most importantly, it gave the trainees a warm welcome. They were clearly excited to be in placement and look forward to starting their work.
Gorse SCITT (2022/2023)

Just to say thanks so much for having our RE student for the extended placement.  She has learnt so much from her time at Mount St Marys and has really benefitted from good practice and from being in such a nurturing environment.
Leeds Trinity (2022/2023)