High Performing


This week we were excited to relaunch our “High Performing Professionals” programme to a new cohort of our
non-teaching colleagues.

The programme consists of a number of units enabling our colleagues to explore what it means to be a High Performing Professional along with the desired ‘characteristics’ of highly effective people. The programme explores the different leadership styles and habits, of such effective people. The cohort will explore the importance of time management along with, how to prioritise what is important while balancing and responding to what is urgent.

All this is done whilst exploring the benefits and impact of a positive mindset and mindfulness.

Participants are assigned a senior leader mentor and complete a project which allows them to experience aspects of school life, which are not normally part of their everyday roles and responsibilities within the school setting. Through their project, the group are encouraged to practice and develop all aspects of their learning experienced throughout the programme.


See what our previous cohort have to say about their experience:

“I could see that my project had a positive impact on whole school improvement”

“I felt valued and included as a non-teaching member of staff. I felt being on the High Performing Professional programme raised my profile in school”

Beverley Marshall, Senior Administrator

“By joining the programme, I got to work with people that I wouldn’t usually work with”

“The programme taught me to reflect on my practice which benefits how I perform now”

Shauni Hetherington , NCOP Programme Lead

“The programme gave me an overview of how the wider school operated and allowed me to be more responsible and effective in my role”

“I was able to recognise that I played my part in positively changing outcomes for students and learnt how to measure the impact”.

Lisa Gibson , Pastoral Support Officer

“I was excited and interested in what I was going to take away from being a member of the High Performing Professionals”

“I know now that the initiative I set up through my project will have a lasting legacy”

Sam Cooper , Student Advocate