It has been an absolute pleasure to welcome our new Year 7 cohort into the Mount St Mary’s community! I have been humbled by the enthusiastic, caring and diligent approach that each individual has taken towards the challenges that come with starting a new journey at secondary school.

Undoubtedly, our vision has already been fulfilled, with students showing a togetherness that has inspired positive relationships to flourish, seizing opportunities to fuel development and spreading positivity at every given opportunity to contribute to a culture of joy and respect.

During the first day students took part in activities that aimed to provide them with a chance to learn more about our school site, the ethos of our community and the broad curriculum that we offer. Students were inquisitive and resilient throughout each session and worked together to make an excellent first impression as a collective. The year team and I took great pleasure in celebrating as one at the end of the day and will endeavour to continue to recognise the accomplishments of the year group throughout the next five years.

I could not be prouder of the maturity that has already been demonstrated by our students in lessons, during social times and at the end of the school day. I feel privileged to have shared in the success that has already been achieved and look forward to enhancing the student experience as we move forward with our efforts to diversify and implement the different aspects of our year group vision.