Vocational Restaurant Trip

On Thursday 7th March, the Year 10 Vocational Studies students took over for the day, as months of planning came to a head.

As part of their Hospitality unit students had to study different cuisines and restaurant experiences as well as organise an event. The class arranged a trip involving a variety of different experiences.

Starting with the walk into town, students quickly regretted not planning transport. They took part in two fun games of bowling to get the day started on a positive note. Despite students having the sides up, Mr Flynn still managed to take the victory. Crestfallen after a humiliating defeat, Kashvan led the group to Leeds City Museum where they had planned the second activity. After seeing the prehistoric animals, having some costume mishaps and seeing a real-life mummy, it was time for lunch.

When planning the trip, we looked at a variety of different foods in order to sample the delights of other cultures. In the end the group decided to book seats at a Persian restaurant recommended by the students themselves. Once the group were talked out of ordering chicken wings and chips, they sampled traditional lamb stews and Persian cuisine.

After lots of laughs and a delicious lunch students returned to school proud of themselves after organising and delivering a memorable school trip.