Year 7 welcomed representatives from the Speakers4Schools charity, which was founded by ITV’s Political Editor, Robert Peston. Our guest speakers were Sharmaine Lovegrove (Britain’s first BEM book publisher) and Season Butler (a writer, performance artist and teacher) who talked to the year group about their experiences and life achievements. The whole year group participated in the talk by asking a range of challenging and probing questions about how they could emulate the womens’ success and how they could develop their own creative writing. The talk was followed by a session with students from 7C who were asked to think about the challenges they face when writing stories. Sharmaine and Season offered their insight, guidance and support into how to overcome these challenges. Both sessions were an enormous success with many students requesting autographs and asking if they could send in their creative writing for feedback. We hope to develop our relationship with Speakers4Schools and build closer links with Sharmaine and Season so that all our students can have access to leading figures and engage with influential people, who can share inspiration on pursuing their ambitions and broaden their horizons.