Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Our aim is that every single student is safe and happy, receives good teaching and achieves their full potential.  Ours is truly comprehensive and integrated school which takes into account the strengths of each individual child and allows them to progress as rapidly as possible.

We have achieved the Stephen Lawrence Education Award, which is presented to schools for promoting racial harmony and celebrating cultural diversity.

We recognise and respect the learning needs of all our children and support the needs of those who have difficulties, which may act as a barrier to their learning. All our students have maximum access to the National Curriculum and can benefit from before and after-school activities, intensive literacy and numeracy support either in or out of the classroom. In addition they can use the Successmaker specialist software programme in a one-to-one learning environment.

The welfare of all our students is cared for by their head of year and form tutor and in mixed ability form groups.  Our children and their families also have the support of a Catholic Care worker.

Our Learning Mentors, who are based in The Flat, work with pupils to provide them with the opportunities to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem.  Through one-to-one sessions, group work and a range of challenging activities, for example, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. We recognise and build on the positive achievement a student makes.

As part of our personalised learning programme we provide extra support and guidance for our children.  For those who have a special skill or recognised talent our Gifted and Talented programme provides many activities to make sure that they achieve their best at school, at home and within the community.