On Progress Review Day, 6th February, 40 students came to school early to participate in the UK Mathematics Trust’s Intermediate Maths Challenge 2020. The test is aimed at the most able mathematicians in the country and beyond, with the top 40% of entrants achieving a certificate.

With record-breaking numbers of successful students, we’d like to extend our most joyous congratulations to Iptisam Abdulmalik, Lily Allswell, Avital Anoff, Adrian Ferech, Urvi Motolall, Roanne Ramos, Niamh Staniland, William Swafi (for their Bronze certificate), Aman Abraha, Karl Carey, Dominik Chmielewski, Cameron Hirst, Luis Jurada, Jarred Lachica, Samuel Ngombo, Jaleel Shahin, Alex Stanley (for their Silver certificates) and Samrawi Mehreteab (for his Gold certificate), as well as congratulate all those who took part for their responsibility and resilience.

The Maths Department