U12 Girls Football Cup Match

The U12 girls football team experienced their first game together for Mount St Mary’s in their cup game against Farnley Academy on Wednesday 11 October. The team got off to a slow start, conceding 3 goals in quick succession. However, after a while the team seemed to find their feet and through working hard, listening to advice and starting to work as a team, they were rewarded with their first goal, which seemed to boost their confidence. Although the passion to win was there, the girls were not able to close the gap, finishing the game with a loss and being knocked out of the cup.

Miss Smith

Students in the photos:

Salem Tewolde, Macheche Ngoli Ikaka, Madlen Nyarko, Chloe Santos,
Shushan Yohans, Saron Yohans, Mary Gyabaa Owusu, Daniela Nkansah,
Telayer Sadd, Deborah Biniam, Debora Gama