Tuesday 25th January came around and Year 10 decided to celebrate one of our core values, Respect. The mission was simple, earn as many Respect points as you can through acts of kindness and achieving the 5 learning habits throughout the day.

As we know, Year 10 love a challenge and as a result they smashed their previous day’s total of 42, with a staggering 257 positive points!

We are so proud that the value of Respect is alive and well and that our students are continuing to equip themselves with a core skill for life beyond Mount St Mary’s.

The four students with the highest totals at the end of period 6 were rewarded for their efforts with donuts delivered to their lesson for their entire class, thus ensuring they were the most popular students in Year 10 for the afternoon. Well done to Alisha, Helena, Mateusz and Sam for your excellent efforts and to the whole year group for modelling respect at its best.