Tea and Toast Revision Sessions

How long does it take to butter 5000 slices of toast?

The answer is simple, ask our amazing catering team. A nice warm breakfast and a hot drink is the perfect way to start your brain working in preparation for exams. At Mount St Mary’s we made sure that every student had the opportunity to do just this by offering free tea and toast every morning during exams. This amounted to a staggering 5000 pieces of toast over 5 weeks.

Students were walking up the driveway from 7am to sit down with teachers and revise, whilst charging their batteries before gruelling exams. At one point over 120 students were in before 8am, working hard on last minute flash cards and rubric. The atmosphere was amazing as students supported each other and their Year Leader looked on with pride.

We are certain the hard work of Year 11 will pay off in the Summer however their influence was immediately seen, as the current Year 10, watching this, have taken their place and filled the dining hall through their entire mock exam period.

Thank you to all the dining staff and teachers who made this possible. I suppose we had better order some more toast Mrs McGlinchey.